Thursday, June 7, 2018


I am the author of a few tutorial posts circulating the internet and one point  considered making a .PDF of them and then some.

This is the continuation and .PDF form of the SHORT STORY/ONE-SHOT/ONE CHAPTER post on tumblr.

If enough people request it I'll write a full, proper ebook write up of this Snake-In-Basket tutorial because I have other drawing tips to talk about but it could prove to be a lot of effort for very few interested.

Installed JUMP PAINT on Linux with Wine

This works too!

It's the same as before (although I'm not sure why it would ever be different) just sudo apt update, wine /path/to/.exe and DONE!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Being a digital artist on Linux!

Being an illustrator on Linux is a little tricky but more than possible. I did it and you can too! It sucks not having options or getting bricked when your computer gets too old to handle the latest windows updates.

If you're an artist with a slow dinosaur desktop or sluggish laptop (your dying computer) on hand then grab a USB flash drive, burn a Lubuntu .iso on it right away, and then install Linux!!!

A few terminal commands and downloads later you should have everything you need to draw!

*Lubuntu is very lightweight and runs very fast but if you think your hardware can handle something a little bit bigger, there are two up to date Linux distros for artists with all the programs you need preloaded:

(Get LTS wherever or whenever available!)

Many windows programs can be installed to linux via Wine and there are great free alternatives to the rest.

  • Krita (for painting)
  • AzPainter (as an alternative to Paint Tool SAI) 
At the time of writing this, AzPainter has an AppImage you can download and run right away!

Graphics Tablet Settings in GIMP

Settings > Input Devices ...

Select tablet name and set Mode to "Screen"

Select brush...

Tool Options > scroll down... to Dynamics

Select any one of the following "Basic Dynamics", "Pen Generic", or "Pressure Size" and test the brush on the canvas!

Making Krita Run Faster

Whenever I install a program to try out I always take a look at all the settings and in Krita, it's super important because if your Internal Pool is 0 then it runs very slow!

Settings > Configure Krita > Performance...
Increase "Internal Pool" from 0 to 36MiB!!!

You can probably set it lower or higher but higher won't necessarily make it run better. It might even make it run slower so stay close to the sweet spot!

I also lowered the mount of Undo. The default amount is generous so it won't hurt you even if you make a lot of mistakes to lower it a little.

I closed all the docks I don't use.

And Krita runs a lot better now!

In Browser Drawing and Social Drawing

In Browser and Social (like a forum or oekaki, with a paintchat)

In Browser and Social

In Browser and with A Social Site (deviantart)

Requires a Download

Running FireAlpaca 64 in Ubuntu with Wine

Today I tried installing the latest FireAlpaca with Wine and it worked. (UPDATE MediBang Paint Pro also successfully installs with Wine!)
  • Downloaded from
  • Pulled up terminal
  • sudo apt update
  • ...
  • wine (insert path to firealpaca installer .exe, it was in my /home/username/Downloads/ folder for example)
  • then FireAlpaca64 shows up on my desktop!! And all I do is double click and it opens!!!
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Free Digital Art Programs on Win, Mac, and Linux


Windows and MacOS:


Linux OS:

Linux OS *with Wine:

In Browser Pixel Art and Editing: