Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Running Meshmixer on Linux through Wine

Adding to the list of art programs you can install and run with Wine is Meshmixer and Sculptris.

Notes on Oceanic Plants

There are two types of plants in the ocean: rooted and floating.

Both require sunlight. Rooted plants can only be found at certain depths where there is still visible ligh to reach them. Floating plants live on the surface.

Kelp is a form of algae and grows along the coastline. It is the largest and fastest growing marine plant in the world.

Red algae thrives in deeper ocean waters than green seaweed.

Seagrass (turtle grass, manatee grass, and shoal grass) is a rooted plant that requires a lot of sunlight. It lives in shallow waters. It is the main food source of crabs, lobsters, and some species of reef fish.

Sargassum (gulfweed or sea holly) is a floating ocean plant that provides both food and shelter to baby turtles.

Seaweed is a form of algae, a phytoplankton, that floats.

Phytoplankton is the most abundant type of plant in the ocean.

Coral is not a plant but algae live on the surface of the coral. Algae feeds the coral.

Coralline algae forms a hard crust that fills gaps between pieces of coral to form reefs.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Preparing to teach a class on 3D Sculpting

I uploaded a video to youtube about this project. I find that learning is easier through projects. I plan on making a print out an a packet about making little animal figurines too so that people can follow along. I hope it'll be informative!

Select the "Inflate" Brush! And choose a falloff (tip).
Make sure the "Symmetry" box is checked. When you are viewing the [RIGHT] face there will be a line going down the middle.

Click tap gently once to gauge how far it's going to go. Once you have a feel for that, tap two or three more times to grow the feet.

The process for the hind feet is the same. Just change the brush to desired size and click, click, click.

To make the muzzle, line up the red dot with the center line...

And there's more but it's a lot of images to upload!