Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Game Assets on GitHub and

Long time no update! I've been struggling. I have been struggling to get it together and finally I'm beginning to get somewhere with organizing my work. The marine themed game assets project is getting bigger. It's so huge that Patreon won't let me upload it in its entirety. So now I have a pCloud, a github, and where else. I want to collaborate or join a game jam but I'm not ready yet and I'm actually a very timid person regardless of the ferocious name :')

I know I'm all over the place but I haven't fully liked any one place for storing a "gallery" and posting blog updates. 

I don't remember if I've talked about it anywhere else yet (my memory is really bad so I have to write notes down more often) but my apartment flooded so I was living in damp moldy conditions for three months. Then my mattress had to be replaced. Then the replacement molded too and now I sleep on a 2"-3" pad.

I am currently playing around with TIC-80 but I want to make something with Godot Engine and Pico-8 sometime. All of this is hard to do because I have to commute for internet (public library), I don't have internet at home, and I won't be able to afford it for a while.

I was notified at Thanksgiving that my teenage cousin ran away from home, spent time in juvie, and was kicked from a homeless shelter. He's no-contact with anyone. I want to reach out to him. I tried but he either hasn't seen my messages or doesn't want to respond. The only social media account he has online that's active is LEgit_VIper on Roblox but I made an account and I can't message him from it anyway.

I misplaced one of my flashdrives.

A microSD card broke (another one is lost). I tried to order a new one but it got lost in the mail so they refunded me and i haven't gotten around to it again.

I pawned some clothes to Buffalo Exchange, DVD's to Suncoast, and books to Powell's Bookstore.

That was all very personal for the internet but I'm pretty certain most of the only people who follow me are my classmates and friends. I just can't bother anyone with my life story directly. I find it important to document and record some things somewhere because it's good to put things into perspective and writing is a kind of structure for an otherwise chaotic life. Catch you later.

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