Monday, July 13, 2020

Bills and Online Classes

74.58% of my stimulus check is going to bills. Meanwhile, I'm still working on paring down~ which means donating, recycling, and pawning whatever possessions I have left (even slower process than before due to COVID-19 closures of secondhand stores). I follow the news as closely as my mental health will allow but I haven't found much besides speculation about a second check or about student debt cancellation (I need debt cancellation but I'm not hopeful).

Good news is I installed more RAM and will be transitioning to using 120GB SSD. I have to first upload/backup my files to pCloud, and then figure out SSH keys because I was using my laptop to do website stuff and I'm embarrassed to say I don't know if I can just simply transfer my keys to my new SSD or not yet.

The speed difference is amazing so far! My laptop will also weigh a pound less 😅

Friday, June 12, 2020


I've made a handful of small donations to some nonprofits so I guess that's good for now until July. Earlier I wanted to buy stuff but I ended up having to pay bills so I lost taste for it and charities could make better use of it. I don't have a lot to write about that's remotely interesting so!

Here's a draft of something I wanted to post elsewhere but didn't:


If you don't feel like a huge investment, used or refurbished laptops from ebay are cheap:

Use this IDE to code in for Lua especially LOVE2D (TIC-80 has a built in IDE so does Godot):

Frameworks to Make Games in:

This class on making games is free to audit:

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ocean Charities and Tree Charities I Want To Support

I'm feeling a lot of anxiety lately and I've been depressed. I'm worried about the climate and the future. I'm a very small individual though, and someday I'll die without having made much of a dent, or a lasting impression. This doesn't mean I can't contribute! I can do something small. I might get COVID-19 and die. Any number of horrible things can happen to me. I want to accomplish something before I expire! 

So I donated to homeless shelters, TeamTrees, The Nature Conservancy, and The Ocean Cleanup this year. Not a whole lot but a little bit can go a long way as long as other people pitch in too!

Over the next couple of months I want to be able to donate to them again and support others like:



The Ocean Conservancy

Rainforest Trust

One Tree Planted

and Friends of Trees. I want to make a little bit of donations to each at a time!

Eco Friendly Laundry Supplies I'm Excited to Try

I haven't recieved the stimulus check yet, sadly, but when I do I have household supplies I would love to have. The shelves are empty of many things. I will have to get supplies online, so I've been looking up things I can order.

Laundry Detergent 

Wash Balls

Wash Bags

Wool Dryer Balls

The Cora Ball and Guppy Friend collect micro fibers. The laundry detergent is plastic-free. The dryer balls save money and energy. I know it's not a lot but it's something to start with. A little can add up to a lot!