Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ocean Charities and Tree Charities I Want To Support

I'm feeling a lot of anxiety lately and I've been depressed. I'm worried about the climate and the future. I'm a very small individual though, and someday I'll die without having made much of a dent, or a lasting impression. This doesn't mean I can't contribute! I can do something small. I might get COVID-19 and die. Any number of horrible things can happen to me. I want to accomplish something before I expire! 

So I donated to homeless shelters, TeamTrees, The Nature Conservancy, and The Ocean Cleanup this year. Not a whole lot but a little bit can go a long way as long as other people pitch in too!

Over the next couple of months I want to be able to donate to them again and support others like:



The Ocean Conservancy

Rainforest Trust

One Tree Planted

and Friends of Trees. I want to make a little bit of donations to each at a time!

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