Monday, July 13, 2020

Bills and Online Classes

74.58% of my stimulus check is going to bills. Meanwhile, I'm still working on paring down~ which means donating, recycling, and pawning whatever possessions I have left (even slower process than before due to COVID-19 closures of secondhand stores). I follow the news as closely as my mental health will allow but I haven't found much besides speculation about a second check or about student debt cancellation (I need debt cancellation but I'm not hopeful).

Good news is I installed more RAM and will be transitioning to using 120GB SSD. I have to first upload/backup my files to pCloud, and then figure out SSH keys because I was using my laptop to do website stuff and I'm embarrassed to say I don't know if I can just simply transfer my keys to my new SSD or not yet.

The speed difference is amazing so far! My laptop will also weigh a pound less 😅